Message to Service Coordinator at Lanterman Regional Center...

Message to¬†Lanterman Regional Center…

To Our Beloved Vista Family,

When I spoke to Tamar M. at Lanterman Regional Center last week to schedule Everett’s annual visit, I had the highest praise for Vista’s ABA services so she asked me to send something in writing to that effect for re-authorization purposes (please see our message below). Phil & I just wanted y’all to know how much we appreciate Vista’s inspiring team and healing services!!

Thanks and Blessings,

Channing and Phil


Message to Service Coordinator at Lanterman Regional Center…

Dearest Tamar

I just want to thank you again for the most impacting services the LRC has provided for Everett through your gifted ABA team. We have witnessed dramatic breakthrough in our son’s behavioral and even cognitive challenges through the very effective, practical strategies implemented by Vista. Wendy Richardson and Dana Pellegrino have created and provided valuable resources, instruction, support, and interventions for Everett and our family!

This is the first time Phil and I have seen improvement in Everett’s home functioning- Praise the Lord!

Since he is housebound most of the time due to his medical/genetic condition, we have desperately needed help in managing his complex behavioral issues at home. His Carlson Home/Hospital School teacher, child psychiatrist, and other specialists have noticed progress educationally, psychosocially, physically, and recreationally through the stabilizing, healing services you’re graciously providing through ABA.

Because he is becoming more compliant, cooperative, and communicative, he is conserving energy (critical for his cyclic vomiting syndrome) and expressing himself (can better verbalize when he is nauseated or in pain) more which improves his complex medical and psychiatric conditions. In addition, Everett is actually able to “sit & attend” during school instruction and activities. He is learning to “tolerate no” and be more flexible when given choices and praise.

The victorious interventions for respecting personal space in natural situations has truly transformed our home environment. Everett is no longer invading personal boundaries of his twin brother, little sister, and pets on an almost constant basis- Hallelujah!

He is able to use his “red arms distance” (behavioral team created a customized story using Everett’s favorite color, characters, and real life scenarios along with practical exercises and a token economy reward system which has further reinforced this concept for him) in communicating and interacting with people/animals in an appropriate manner. We are overjoyed to see Everett thrive and develop in this most inspiring way!

Please know how much we appreciate and treasure these valuable services! We are rejoicing in the breakthrough Everett has experienced through ABA and LRC!

It’s a privilege to partner with such a caring, committed, & qualified Team at VISTA! As we advocate for our precious children, it’s an answer to prayer to have your agency supporting & equipping us all on our families’ journeys to health & wholeness!

Overflowing gratitude and blessings,

Phil & Channing Frykman