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At Vista Center for Applied Behavior Analysis, we believe in the power of relationships and connections to foster growth and development for children with autism. Our unique approach integrates the compassionate principles of relational-cultural theory (RCT) with the proven techniques of applied behavior analysis (ABA) to create a nurturing and effective therapeutic environment.


Why Choose Vista Center?

Building Strong Relationships

We prioritize building strong, trusting relationships with your child. Our therapists create a supportive environment where your child feels safe, understood, and motivated to learn.

Emphasizing Connection

Understanding and connecting with your child is at the heart of our approach. We are deeply attuned to their emotional and social needs, fostering a sense of connection and understanding that enhances their engagement and progress.

Collaborative Approach

We believe in working together with you and your child. Our collaborative approach means your family’s preferences and goals are integral to the therapy process. Together, we set meaningful objectives and achieve them as a team.

Empathy and Validation

Our therapists practice empathy and validation in every interaction, acknowledging your child’s feelings and experiences. This compassionate approach helps reduce anxiety and resistance, making therapy more effective and enjoyable.

Growth-Fostering Relationships

We create growth-fostering relationships where mutual empathy and empowerment thrive. Your child will feel supported and motivated, leading to better outcomes and a brighter future.

Cultural Sensitivity

At Vista Center, we understand the importance of cultural contexts. Our therapists are mindful of your family’s cultural background, ensuring that our treatments are not only effective but also culturally sensitive and relevant.


Experience the Vista Center Difference

At Vista Center for Applied Behavior Analysis, we are committed to providing a compassionate, empathetic, and effective therapeutic environment for your child. Discover the difference that a relationship-focused ABA approach can make in your child’s development and well-being.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Autism & Autism Treatment

Yes.  Vista provides the vast majority of our services in the comfort of our client’s home.  We do this in line with best practice in our field,  which indicates that the client’s natural environment is the best location for training necessary life skills.

Vista offers services to families who reside in the San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Antelope Valley, San Gabriel/Pomona area, East Los Angeles, Los Angeles proper, South Central Los Angeles and the West Los Angeles regions.

There is no standard program length as all clients are assessed and served on an individualized basis.  On average, we work with clients for a period of one to three years.  The length of the program is predicated on many factors, including the client’s goals, the rate of acquisition of skills and pro-social behaviors, and the availability of the key members of the client’s circle of support to participate in the program.

Because Vista practices in the field of ABA, we do not have the license or credentials to make a recommendation in this area.  However, we do know that research indicates that some individuals with autism benefit from the use of properly prescribed medication.

There is no “miracle drug” or any single one that consistently works the same on all individuals. We therefore recommend that you seek a physician who is knowledgeable about autism and who can assess your son or daughter’s individual needs in order to determine whether a medication treatment plan is necessary.

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