Explore Vista's Approach for Empowering Independent Lives

Personalized Programming for Engaging, Enabling and Enriching Life Skills

Vista is devoted to enhancing skills development and decreasing challenging behaviors for children and adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities.

Vista offers customized programs to teach essential skills to help these individuals integrate into society.

About Vista

Vista Center for Behavior Analysis has been a leader in providing applied behavior analysis (ABA) services in Los Angeles County for nearly two decades.

Vista customizes ABA programs for children, teens and adults with autism spectrum disorder, as well as other developmental disabilities. We are dedicated to enhancing life skills throughout the lifespan.  Our goal with every individual is to establish the skills required for leading a fulfilling life.

We partner with you to provide high quality, comprehensive, and individualized services, based on your goals and the principles and research derived from ABA.    Vista embraces the philosophy that parents and other caregivers need to be active participants in treatment programs, to facilitate progress and success for their loved ones.


A heritage of excellence!


To learn more about our programs, please contact us directly and we will begin to answer your questions and assess the appropriate path for your child.


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