Video Transcription:

Keith Massel PH.D., BCBA-D, Founder and President of Vista Center fior Behavior Analysis:

As Vista began developing a program for adults, it became clear to me that most parents of adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder are anxious and fearful. They realize that they won’t be around forever, and then what? Parents of children with autism want what every parent wants…….for their children to be able to lead independent and fulling lives. Parents wonder if this is even possible.

Well, independence is a relative thing. True, everyone won’t be able to be fully independent, to live independently, have a job, and have a family. But, everyone can become more independent than they are now, and I firmly believe that.

Vista’s program for autistic adults and teens involves 3 training skills modules:

Module 1 is Living Skills training, and the overarching goal of that category is for the individual to be able to live independently, or with minimal assistance.

Module 2 is Social Integration Skills, for which the individual can participate in social, and recreational activities, and engage in safe, social, and sexual behaviors.

Module 3 is vocational skills, where the goals are to prepare for employment, and to maintain employment.

And now it’s up to all of us to make sure that parents of adults with ASD get the health insurance coverage that they need in order to have access to this comprehensive level of training and ABA therapy.

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