Autism ABA Treatment Programs in Los Angeles: Intensive Early Childhood (7 & Under) and Pre-Teens (8-12)


Introduction During these stages of your child’s development, many parents with children on the autistic spectrum worry about their child’s future. Don’t wait any longer to seek support. Every minute counts! Vista will help you address these worries.  You will find our staff, our programs and our processes will positively impact your child’s development and create a healthier family environment. Vista will begin your initial consultation by asking pertinent questions and answering all of your questions. We will use your answers to begin exploring the most appropriate path for your child. Next, we will conduct a comprehensive behavioral assessment. With the results of this assessment, our expert team will develop a treatment plan, which will be based on increasing needed skills and on reducing challenging behaviors. We will also propose a schedule to meet these behavioral goals as quickly as possible. Vista has a long heritage of teaching individuals functional skills designed to help them integrate into society. Our comprehensive and customizable Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programs are designed to:

  • Intensively train developmentally appropriate behavior skills and reduce challenging behavior in young children
  • Engage pre-teens in the development of life skills
  • Prepare all children to more easily integrate into the communty

Our Proven 5 Step Process for Achieving Desired Outcomes

Step 1: Comprehensive Assessment: a master’s level Case Manager (CM) will evaluate your child’s skills, resources, supports and objectives, then produce a written report outlining the recommended services and plan for delivery of those services. Step 2: Service Delivery: your child will receive one-to-one services from a trained Behavior Interventionist (BI), who train the skills as outlined in the Initial Assessment; the BI reports to a CM, regarding the data collected on your child’s skill development. Step 3: Periodic Reporting: the CM will create quarterly Progress Reports regarding your child’s development, which will serve as a barometer for the success of the program. Step 4: Graduation: your child will graduate from the program when he or she has achieved the goals set forth in the Initial Assessment and in Progress Reports. Step 5: Post-Graduation: your child may return to the program if he or she requires follow-up support or if he or she has developed new needs which need to be addressed in an updated program.

Intensive 1-on-1 Young Child ABA Intervention Programs (ages 7 & under)

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  • Research and statistics have shown that autism can be reliably diagnosed by 18 months of age but the average age of diagnosis for most children is age six
  • That between 25-50% of children receiving intensive early intervention will move into general education by Kindergarten. Others will require significantly less support services throughout their lives
  • The average time from a parent’s initial concern to full diagnosis is four years.  That is four years that your child could have been receiving life- changing intervention.

Vista recognizes how important it is for services to be implemented early in life, in order to maximize the potential results for the individuals we are serving.  We believe that our methods can also make a difference in the lives of your typically developing children, as the behavior skills we train may apply to all children. Research shows that the earlier behavioral intervention is delivered to a child, the faster that child experiences broader developmental success. The benefits of implementing an early intervention program include:

  • Learn how to manage your child’s challenging behaviors
  • Take family outings without fear of your child making a scene
  • Prepare your child to enter and survive the structured public school system
  • Learn what financial assistance is available to treat your child on the autism spectrum
  • See your child acquire essential coping and social skills
  • See your child make friends

Don’t wait any longer to seek Early Intervention support.  Contact Vista today at (818) 646-6650.

ABA  Support Program for Pre-Teens (8-12 years old): Intensive Family and 1-on-1

father and son on stairs istock_000013833077medium copyFor families of  pre-teens Vista’s program is focused more on training parents and other caregivers on the principles and procedures of the science of ABA. We assess the whole family system so we can recommend frequency of service and tailor the specific ABA methods used to address your family’s specific challenges. You will gain the skills to confidently be in control of your family’s behavioral environment.  Our goal is not only to maximize the potential of your child with autism, but to improve the life of your family as a whole.